A crash course in E.A.T

“Experiments in Art and Technology” (Wikipedia) was an organization of artists, scientists, and engineering in late 60s and 70s which was possibly one of the first attempts to bring people from different fields together to make ‘experiments’ with art and technology.

The reason that I’m very interested in this group beside novelty of their activities in this specific time period, is their elaborated approach to team work in an interdisciplinary atmosphere. A short quotation from the founder of the organization – Billy Klüver – might help to clear this out:

If all the separate sections of a project are to be of the best quality, then they must develop independently. Interfacing of the various elements becomes the overriding problem and good communication between members of the project is necessary. This horizontal operating situation requires that each member of the group understand his responsibilities as well as his limitations. Complication arose when engineering and aesthetic considerations became confused: when engineers wanted to be artists, when accountants wanted to be engineers, or when artists were intimidated by engineering. The artist had to express his aesthetic criteria in order to determine the scale, and so that the engineer would be aware of the boundary conditions.

Although there is a distinct separation between who is an engineer and who is an artists is visible in this point of view which might not be valid anymore in our time, but I still find some of the points – like the technical limitations of the aesthetic – valid.

Following are some links to a few videos about the performances of E.A.T:



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