aesthetic and poetic robot

<This machine was inspired by dreaming about gear ratios and considering the unexpected implications of exponential powers.>

i want to focus on invaluable mecine,

these robot’s way of action is very simple and have no function at the same time,

i think at the same time  i realize aesthetic facet of robot.

and if one put only simple movement to object, kinds of only rotate or go up and down, or go back and front,

these movement  invented quite different and special mood about  things that being regarded as common,

this is shrimp’s movement

interested thing is if some construction make movement like endless rotate, but this movement result in tickling of needle or going up and down,

i would like to use this physical principle at workshop.

and from here explain about my idea,

most of all, i interest about physical movement of machine

(i have drawing about it but i don’t know how to attach it, so  i will show it at offline meeting 😀 )

my plan is make some rotation machine,

and make some plat boards , it would be 5 -6 board, and i will put some candle light on it,

and let it rotate according to the circle shape of construction which would be installed at wall,

However i should calculate how this candle lights are  sustained without rotation according to the direction of rotation,

i mean , candle should keep fire on it,  so i need to fix fire on upper direction even the construction rotate,

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