Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing. ~Walt Kelly


hello all

Continuing the discussion we had last time about our meals at the workshop,

a few of us came up with the proposal to make cooking turns of 2 to 3 people, for the four days of the workshop.

Me and Vesela are volunteering to take up Friday and cook for all of us; that is prepare breakfast and lunch.

If this process is alright for you or  maby you could post your availability under this post.
If this process is NOT alright for you please do post your objections and ideas under this post.

Just for you information our shopping list for Friday assumes 15 people and is  this:

1kgr rice \15 courgettes \15 carrots
3 onions\ garlic \ salad \ peppers
15 apples \ milk \ coffee \ tea
3gr bread \ cheese \ salami
spreads \ butter \ marmalade

looking forward for a great weekend


5 responses to “Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing. ~Walt Kelly

  1. Don’t forget there will be around 3 extra Time’s Up people on Friday and Monday who would love to join us for lunch.

  2. thanks for letting us know

    So we are counting approximately 20 people.

  3. davidbrunnthaler

    i like the idea. who wants to join me for cooking eiter on saturday or on sunday?
    cheers david

  4. hello together,
    great idea with the eating plan.
    i will bring my boyfriend and we would like to cook on saturday or sunday.
    see you tomorrow! than we can talk about.

  5. davidbrunnthaler

    hello kathi,
    do you mind if bager, henning and me take the saturday and you and your boyfriend are cooking on sunday?
    also please bear in mind, that on saturday there will be no shops opened since it’s staatsfeiertag..

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