the unwilling to deliver the message, swimming bottle

Continuing from the chindogu point, I tried to come up with a project/object that would resist it’s usefulness. Water and windmill were already part of the Time’s up scenery, some bottle were lying around also, so with these ingredients and a little help from my friends I concluded to built the “ unwilling to deliver the message swimming bottle”.

The project tried to serve it’s purpose in two ways:
a) it should find the wind direction, get energy from it and try to swim against it.
b) try to float against the current. This second part was soon abandoned and I concentrated my work on the first one.

In the process of building it up, the boat soon grew to a double bottle catamaran, since the floating issues (e.g. balancing the whole thing , keeping the total weight of the construction smaller or equal to that of the bottle) were easier to approach like this. Finding the right materials to avoid friction on the motion transfer weals was on of the issues we were faced with. Balancing the different parts and keeping the bottle together were also points to work out.

The boat did manage to float eventually, eventhough the messages we put in did push it deeper to water already. The propeller seems to require a good amount of wind to start spinning, which might already be enough to take the whole thing apart in open-sea circumstances. And the paddle-hands aren’t probably big enough to pull to the opposite direction.

Nonetheless I am planning to let it free during summer time in the Aegean sea after securing a bit the insulation of the bottles. Hopefully it will fail it’s purpose and reach somebody!

2 responses to “the unwilling to deliver the message, swimming bottle

  1. I am looking forward to descriptions of sailing in the Aegean and setting the wind-finding message in two bottles free.

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