sini’s work on progress

So the days are passing by and at the end of today my work will be maybe at the point about where I thought it’d be by the end of the 1st day… So if I manage to build the loop where the belt is turning as I walk on my stilts it’s great. But I’ve got something to develop after the workshop also, which is great.  Estimating times I haven’t learned yet but a lot of other things like thinking of how to make parts for things that are supposed to move on a much more detailed way than before, or how it feels when the sandpaper machine grabs the edge of your piece of metal when you are not focused. It’s been a great experience and luckily one more day to go. I’m running late now, see you!

2 responses to “sini’s work on progress

  1. Hey Sini,

    I have a photos and a video of you and your stilts. give me a shout if you want it.

  2. Sini Havukainen

    Hoi SuppaHenning!
    Vielen Dank, yes please I’d like to get them. I’ll find you. If not, call me: 06991 777 0076 Bis Dann!

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