The Blue Danube Waves

The romantic feeling of making a small portable mechanical moving lake, powered by water seemed very tempting… well… and quite easy on a first glimpse. But coming little by little into details revealed a picture bit different from what I expected.
My initial plan was to make couple of layers of waves, fishes and boats. They all had to be connected with wheels and powered by running water (on the principle of the water mill). As a result I succeeded with only one layer by offsetting the center of the wooden wheels and mounting the waves structure on them.

Short list of the important things, that I learned from the workshop:

1. Sometimes things are lot more complicated from what you have expected
2. The details really matter
3. Making things with your hands makes you very happy

Thank you Tim and Marc for the great experience and all the knowledge that you shared with us! Respect!
Big thanks to all the participants for the help and the spirit!


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