Stone Skipping Machine (a quick update)

First prototype

First prototype

Releasing the stone

Releasing the stone

Second prototype

Second prototype

During first couple of days after hours of welding, cutting and drilling we have managed to test the first functional prototypes of our machine and are ready to present it Thursday night.

J + O

4 responses to “Stone Skipping Machine (a quick update)

  1. Looks great!
    Things for today that I see: attachment to the ramp, angle setting, maybe a safer release mechanism using a right angled lever, so you can pull it backwards.
    Let’s see how many skips we can get.

  2. Hi Jaakk! My name is Erwin! I am currently working on a research paper about the physics of stone skipping. For an experiment we would also like to build a stone skipping machine. So we could play around with multiple incidence angles and speeds. Your device seems very straightforward but effective. Is there any way i can get my hands on a building plan of your machine. It would help me out a lot!

    Many thanks, Erwin.

  3. hi erwin, thanks for your interest. our experiment was based on this paper: and the construction of clay pigeon throwing machines. unfortunately we don’t have any technical drawings as the whole construction was very quick hands-on trial-and-error process. there’s a bit more information regarding our project here:

    regards, jaak

  4. Hi…Jaakk and Erwin…im Mrunali….Evn i am working on the physics of skipping stones. Its a course of creative intervention in everyday science.
    But i am little stuck how its done…can you share the process an experiments you went about in rough..It might give a Guidance

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