The Anti Sailing – autonomous robot project – workshop day 2-3

Front fins, fixed “hard” tail tailor, a pipe into the water to hold the propeller. That’s nice and all but it has to be done and it has to be done in a way that it shouldn’t add too much weight to the boat what was heavy enough already with just the “wind wheel” on it. I ended up using wood for the fins adding some additional part what is floating instead is sinking. The tail tailer was made from steel and plastic to reduce some weight and also to be as flexible as it can but still hold in the case the boat cannot turn for some reason, so the “tailor” won’t break off. The propeller was the tricky part. It has to be driven by the wind through the wind wheel and i wanted to go with a direct (?)powertrain(?) what will give the propeller a nice speed but will be hard to start it. It seems that the best solution would be a rope. Flexible enough to not to break, when you put it in water the diameter grows so the size shrinks a little resulting a nice and tight grip on the wheel and the on the propeller. But of course you cannot put the rope directly on the propeller so you have to find something what will go between. Get the movement from the wheel and transfer is to the propeller. While the idea was nice making it was not so easy as i expected to be. To pole will hold a pipe on what there will be the propeller and a small “wheel” to get the movement. The wheel and the propeller is fixed to the pipe so when one turns the other turns as well. Sure but almost every propeller is made for cone pipes not for straight ones. Also i could not weld it as it was rented for me. The solution was two M12 nut on an already threaded pipe. One for the end one for the front. Press them together so the propeller will be fixed. Same with the wheel under the water. Drilled two hole on the boat for the rope and linked the wind wheel and the propeller together. What was nice until the knob what hold the rope together and thigh did not want near to the small wheel. While the bicycle wheel was large enough the smaller wheel just couldn’t handle the bump on the rope. Even with hand i needed some power to make it run again but i though it’s okay and speed will take care of this problem.

By the time (3rd day of the workshop) we had to present it everything was ready. There was just 3 tiny problem. There was no wind. I was not sure if it floats or not. The propeller was in a wrong direction so it would have moved backward – luckily there was no wind. Life is funny.

The boat did float. And we had a great party to finish the semester.

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