The Anti Sailing – autonomous robot project – put it on water

After the lecture ended i went back to try my boat out. When i got at times up the wind was already blowing a little so at least i could see if the “steering” is working or not. With the steering there was no problem. But the wind wheel did not started so it was behaving like a sail. While the boat turned into the right direction it was going backward (with the wind). To tell the truth i was not expecting this. I though the wind wheel either will move or let the wind though. After a time the storm reached the harbor so it was big time wind. But my wind wheel still did not moved even a bit. The windmill what Times’ Up have was going crazy but my anti sailing bot still not moved a bit towards to the wind, just with it. When i pulled my boat out of the water i saw that one of the poles what was holding the propeller was broken. I have no idea if it was broken already when the wind started to blow or i broke it when i took it out but it doesn’t matter.

At the end the anti sailing boat turned out to be a regular, maybe a little bit weird looking boat. As a conclusion i had several. There is a reason why sailing boats do not go toward to the wind. Set the welding machine to higher power because if your welding can break it means you did not welded it. When you are working with wind everything on the “deck” is working as a sail. Try to build as light as you can.

A conclusion for the building part. When you are working with a lots of screws try to work with the same type and size (i was working with m6) because if or whenever you have to dissemble it or fix something it will be easy to do.

Storm, but my wind wheel is still not moving.

That’s not a good welding.

One can always use this trick to fix something without welding.

4 responses to “The Anti Sailing – autonomous robot project – put it on water

  1. Peter, reading that you had experienced a storm at Times was my rotor? Was it moving? I’m so curious as there was no wind when we did the workshop and I could never test how it is with natural forces ;-)!
    Have lovely sumer time

  2. Yes it was moving. No so fast as the big one what they built but it was going nicely.

  3. We measured the voltage – it passed 2V with the rotor going full bore. It looked dangerous. There is a Photo somewhere – will try to dig it out.

    • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY?!?!?! *jumping happy around the IC lab*(what 2V can do ;-)*- it means that it would be able to light the bike lamp as that need 2V..GREAT!!! 😀
      and dangerous..well I’m fine with it to look dangerous for a moment(it still can be covered with mirrors, rainbow colored blossoms or even a picture of kittens to look more friendly 😉 …but question is if it is dangerous, then I shall do something about it.

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