Research and some inspirations on Mechanic stuff

The Website contains some animations about the basics of mechanism and theit applications. They are dealing with engines, power generation, gear mechanisms, linkage mechanisms, pumps, straight line mechanics, thermodynamics mechanics, pneumatic systems and and…


Furthermore, Make Magazine has very often some nice tutorials, too. The Math Monday column especially, I like very much. The tutorials about Linkages (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4) are pretty helpful.


Similar to the Linkage topic is the research about motion structure by Zhong You. Related to this, Ben Hopson uses kinetic mechanism for designing his daily life objects.


Back to the human kind, the topic Object theater (german) gives me some nice inspiration how people can interact with objects and different materials. Even the combination of Origami and Fashion is quite interesting to watch. The domain Animatronics is a quite old but still very important field in the film industry. Gustav Hoegen is doing an amazing work (video).

Object theater


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