Long story cut short , it is essentially a drawing machine.
It’s purpose is to produce (sellable! – this is important!)abstract paintings, that will maintain my artist career while I’m somewhere in a middle of nowhere or something of that sort.

This is the design of the machine
We talk over it with Tim last afternoon and some details are to be changed. I will add updated documentation here asap.


MAP_top + side view

1st step
– to draw the shape of the gear that needs to mesh with the worm gear.
– to make the gear(2) out of wood(probably).
– to decide what’s next 😉
In general:
– make the pulleys, gears & the cam from whatever materials.
– build the rollers
– buid (weld) the frame that holds it all in place.
– get a canvas
– assembly it all together
– try – change – try – —
Once working:
– hire a selling agent
– go travelling!!!! 😉

worm gear
The worm gear from a meat grinder.


Visual documentation failed. Up in the hills without camera and with not working scanner. My “Lomophone”just wouldn’t do this ;-)More tomorrow.

To summarise in words:
– I cut a gear out of wood. OK measured, cut & tested and to my own surprise, it seems to be working together with the worm!(Atleast as far as my very precise testig method can prove.)
– I made a detail plan for the frame that shall hold all the mechanism in place and working together. Moral: making detail plans makes you do discover problems you had not the slightest idea about previously.
Summary of the day in numbers:
In 1/3 of given time I made about the 1/50 of given work. Must make this equation bit more in balance tomorrow or I’m in trouble!

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