2nd day (4.5.’13): two motors are applied to the aluminium construction strength 12V   

2nd day (4.5.’13): two motors are added strength 12V

Image 12cm long aluminium is pierced in three places, holes 4,5mm. two in front and one a side, the one hole in front and down is expanded with cheese drills 8mm. the line is cut in the middle of aluminium right to the 8mm hole, so it would be possible to squeeze it to the 8 mm motor hand.  it is used bott, nut, washr in between to attach to the motor hand, to make it loose when is moving.ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage   stripping off a reptileImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

how does it run?

motors are giving breathing to the structure, pulsing and breathing. they are running on 13V power supply, even they are 12V (gear is the type of motor, gearing). they are not running fast, but are strong enough.

look at the videos:

3rd day: expect to make more complex movement; making holes into ”hands” and  connect them with pieces of copper wires with various spots on aluminium skeleton structure of a creature, a living creature that came out of the water, giant sea dragon.


img124   img125

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