Magnetic Hourglass final (3rd) day

Towards the end of my time in the workshop it became clear although the structure was moving, I had to do compromises from my initial plans. 


In the beginning  of the day I had a working band to move the magnet. After going over couple of possible arrangements for the final looks and decisions.


I chose the band to carry a metal ball every 5 sec to still call the structure hourglass but not to take too much time of a viewer to understand the motion in final presentation. 

After screwing the main internal structure that carries the band to wooden panel I hot glued the slide and stopper pieces and created this pointy ecstatic.


The main problem whit the magnet and metal balls is Its hard to make sure it gets only 1 ball and not 2 but I found out that to be this perfectionist in this not that perfect machine is pointless since magnet taking 2 balls is no way harmful for the machine.


In future I will have to add batteries to the hourglass since its  costly to have the right power box. And I will add more magnets to the same band instead of trying to add more bands to same motor which will add more movement.

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