Whip It (Example) Part 3

The following is an example workshop blog posting.

This is the third post, showing the end result (for now).

Given the simple motion that was built, the next step is to make it whip. A 2.5 meter length of hemp rope was spliced into the eye bolt that was mounted at the end of the wood handle. This splicing should make the connection flexible and smooth. It was guessed that a knot might be a nonsmooth transition, which might then cause a less coherent transfer of movement from the handle to the rope / whip.

The following video was then made, with bad lighting conditions, showing the movement of the rope. The recording was made from the very beginning, to see whether any interesting motions happened then, but as there was nothing special happenning then, that part of the video was removed.

The motion that seems interesting is the looping that occurs, the swooping and then tugging the rope into a loop that then moves along the rope.

Next steps that offer themselves:

  • adapt the rope, especially in terms of tapering it, to add to the whippiness.
  • Longer rope might have more loopiness arising
  • Or will a shorter rope allow more of it to hang in the air.
  • Similarly a lighter rope.
  • Or a cracker at the end.
  • Might a stroboscope be interesting, to see the stages of the motion.

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