Robotic Orchestra

I am into automated sound and music that is done by non-human beings, and I think the idea is really interesting to automate some unusual objects as instruments. My initial idea was to create an automated instrument, but then I thought it would be far more interesting if there were several instruments which played at the same time and produced different a different sound.


As roughly seen in the sketch, I have three main ideas to begin with. The first idea is to use a metal bowl and connect it to a motor with a rope and a funny looking cam, providing it an up/down movement, whereas the bowl below is filled with water and it will be hit by the top part, randomly.

The second idea is to connect a long metal chain to a cam and to a motor, moving up and down and hitting the ground and producing some sound as well as it’s own movement sound.

The third idea is to strain a spring, which is connected to somewhere stable from top, and attaching a weight below it. The weight will be connected to a rather strong motor since I have a quite strong spring, and the movement of the motor will change the strain level of the spring, whereas a metal stick will hit the strained spring, again according to the random motor movements.

If time allows, I would like to add a few more instruments and connect piezoelectric sensors to record the sounds the instruments produce. It should also be possible to connect an Arduino circuit for  using as a controllable motor driver, so the orchestration can also be controlled manually.


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