Bikeyboard Phase I

It was great and beneficial to get knowledge about almost all machines and tools IN ENGLISH(and german names) with so many helpful tips and suggestions, much easier than courses in austrain german. For the people who think that I was asking too many questions, please understand my curiocity.

These are pictures of my notes. Please yell out when i spell the wrong words.




Phase I of development of bikeyboard:

1, made decision what is the first step, which is translating the motion of wheel.

2,grabed the roller state wheel as the motion target, made holes on metal, grinded and made customized wooden bush, which suits the system, mounted the CAM X on the wheel so that they share the same motion.


3, finish and test, found out firstly, woblling because of the piece of the metal is relativly bendable, secondly that the mistake at the beginning: should be the bigger wheel to create slow motion for cam instead of the other way around.

4, immediately searched the wasted bike wheel and start to mount it in similar way.

5, short before the end, finished mounting of the bike wheel.



all in all, love the intensive and productive hands on workshop mode and atmosphere.

Herzlichen Dank!


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