Turbo Spanferkel machine day…. act 2

So today, I finnaly managed to get all my motors welded upon the trolly.  With the great help from Mark and Tim  we managed to combine the lower cogs with  upper cogs with a not so good bicycle chain. I -hoped that today we’ll already see some rotation motion with the  machine. Oh, and I have also done the the system of holding the  long inox  – stainless steel – ni rost rod upon which I shall impale the chicken  to get it roasting.


The magnificent chain transmission system before it’s maiden test (everything is still in one piece – so lame… )


The ” Iron claw” Carefully designed to held the ”Impaling rod” in  one place, to get it rotating.


The long impaling rod in  the trolly, suitable also for a pig.

So my dear  followers tomorrow I shall preform the ritual of impaling the chicken and try to send it to all the distant places of Time’s up metal workshop.

Yours faithful Jure Fingušt.


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