Bikeyboard Phase II

At night, I made a research about kinematics. Luckily found out the new promising solution for the project, which is Cylindrical Cam or Barrel Cam.


new sketch


As arrival in Time’s up, I discussed with Tim how is it possible to make a customized barrel cam in the workshop. Concerning about the high rate of rotation of bike and cam , we found out the linear actuator that is used in 3d printer can be accessible.


Then I started to make the slider triggered by the original small wheel mounted on the fitness bike. Before noon, the prototype of simple linear screw motion was made.

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After that, I talked to Tim again about the next step, which is the pointer motion. We found a brake and gear changer. Using level structure, spring and joint, I build the point press structure for typing the letter on keyboard. Thanks for the kind help of Mark, who gave me some tips and tricks( sometimes really a great fun).


The construction process really strenthen the confidence of the ability of problem solving, which I found very beneficial.



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