Robotic Orchestra: Day 2

The excitement increases as we approach the end of the workshop series. The prototype is more or less ready, now there are some adjustment remaining to be done; stability improvements and aesthetic substitutions perhaps…

Today was another great day, I did my first welding ever. The piece I welded was the metal stand part of the project. Here is how it looks like:


After today, I had to deal with the guiding track on the wooden cam, and the second metal stand that will be used as a second standpoint for the lever. On one side I have chains, on the other side I have the metal pot and lid that will be some sort of a crude hi-hat. My plan is to partly fill the bottom pot with water. As the chains move down, hi-hat will open and as the chains move up, hi-hat will close.

Also I added a small spring to the string that binds the hi-hat to the lever, so that the movement will not be linear and boring. I look for a bit random movement, wobbliness is appreciated.

Here are some more photos from today:





First plan for tomorrow is to attach some piezo sensors to the weird motorized musician and then connect the two (or more) sensors to a mixer and record a session. Let’s see how it will turn out.


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