Spanferkel machine

As you might see  I have changed the title of my project from Turbo Spanferkel machine to  a Spanferkel machine.  The  reasons for that, lye in the change of a propelling motor.  What I have learned today is that if a thing has high speed it might not have a high strength. It is kinda like in computer RPG games where a character with high Dexterity usually doesn’t have a hight Strength level and vice versa.


The failed Turbo

So at the start of the day, I tested the super fast fan – 2000 rpm and It didn’t move the chain for a cm. So I was really delighted when Tim provided me with a 12 Volt dc windscreen wiper motor, so that I could complete my robot.

Tomorrow I plan to make a maiden ”voyage” not with a ferkel but with a chicken.

Best regards, Jure



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