Bikeyboard Phase III

Successfully I realized typing my name using the Bikeyboard interface at the end of the workshop.

  • First time ever to use the rivet gun!
  • First time ever cook for more than 10 people in one hour!
  • First time ever cook such unpleasant rice with the rice cooker (since I put too many credits on it and overload it; yet luckily there are still some rice edible.)



1, figure out how to tighten the structure for the hitter and the roller.

2, welding the roller in result fixed the joint however lose the freedom of the platform, which means that the whole slide system is wobbling strongly

3, spent 1 hour replace the roller which seems totally unecessary

4,cooking intensively and flashy speedy

5, holder for the keyboard

6, level structure for controlling the Y-axis (up and down) movement of keyboard.

7, L structure for holding the slider platform

8, adjust the detail

9, demo video



the strategy of QUICK ‘n’ DIRTY in oder to explore the motion, structure and other possibilities is way good approach.

In that sense, you drew less attention on how to fix the minor detail, how to optimize the system, how to make it aesthetically acceptable, how to make the motion perfect and reliable.


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