Annoying Drawer Project 2

Today, my goal is make one drawer move and see how I put another motors.

First step, finding a right angle iron to make a motor stable and bore a hole.


Second, find two arms. And, I need to know how the destination limited for the arm, otherwise, it might stuck or it didn’t be push out so far.(Marc help a lot.)


To hide the everything and make it move like magic, I have to cut and restick the bmttom of the drawer.


The connection of short arm and long arm is adjustable. The hole of short arm is 4.5mm diameter, the long arm hole is 4mm, so the one can be locked, the other one is flexable.

In the end,I still don’t have enough time to test the first drawer( I also need to wait for the glue dry…), however test a movement with speed control motor.



And, there’s a problem to connect to drawer. I have to make a another small arm to connect them or just drew it but leave some space for movement.

Next time(20/5), I have to finish the first drawer to make sure it truly works. And then, I will see where are another two positions of  motors in cabinet.

If I have more time, I want to make iron leg for my cabinet.

2 responses to “Annoying Drawer Project 2

  1. The motor movement pushing and pulling the wood over the table looks good. The motion seems very positive. Do you think that the holes are too loose? The linkage seems to be a bit wobbly!

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