Second Hand Blender Ⅰ

Unlike today that is everything efficient, This blender is not convenient.

If you want to drink juice, you have to wait foods to be ground up as like the hands on the clock advance slowly.
When the machine work, an ax or hummer is swung down and foods are chopped. Foods are in bowl and the bottom of bowl has the hole for juice to drop off. After you wait patiently and foods is clashed, juice flows out.


Todays goal is make the structures that arms go up and down using rotation of motor.


First, I find just right metal materials, and then cut and weld those to make the moving arm and the frames fixing a motor.
I also assemble more one frame and succeeded to make them move the sinker put ahead of the string up and down.
But this is in the state which just still moves by uniform velocity, so It’s necessary to make another frame and make the structure of free fall with the next step.

I use square frame for the structure of free fall because it’s suitable to rotate arm freely and stably. For the arm, I use aluminum plate (it’s light).


Next time, I will finish to make the structure and if I have more time, I want to try to chop some fruits.

2 responses to “Second Hand Blender Ⅰ

  1. We look forward to seeing the fall system working. A knife or an axe? Chop chop chop!

  2. The fall mechanism is looking good. I look forward to Brutal Juice!

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