Annoying Drawer Project 3

It’s day 2 to make this project. In the morning, I just finished the first drawer, and it works! In the end, I still made another small arm to connect the bottom of drawer.

The first drawer video:


Then, lunch time was coming…

I made the second drawer in the afernoon, and it’s a little bit unstable.

second drawer video:


The third motor only roletate 90°. The idea was coming out this morning. I want to make the hand wave for the third one.


Try to use same motor to push and drag the drawer, and make the hand go up. The hand will copy from mine by silicon, but just use wood and paper temporarily for tomorrow presentation, hehe…


So my mission on tomorrow is….

Finish the thid drawer and hand movement on the morning. And, put some small wood to make the second one stable.

In the afternoon, control all the motors with Arduino. Well, if in the morning, i couldn’t finish the third one in the morning, I will jump to this stage directly.


One response to “Annoying Drawer Project 3

  1. Nice approach with the hand. Maybe we can use a lever that is triggered at the front end of the movement to pop a hand up. Then it does not need to be attached to the motor, instead to the drawer and being pushed up by something on the top of the case of the drawers.

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