-Automatic spider musical Instrument

-Material wood and metal


-Parts / cuts



– wood: moving feet, skeleton

4    5

– metal: motor, rorating stamen, driving sheers

– The motor rotates the stamen, which strips are atteched randomly. Sheets always touch the screw, which is fixid to the spider leg and presses the and of the legs downward. The second leg side goes up. After rewind lame leg falling down and nit the bottom on the plate, wich wmits sounds.

77-0 (1)7-0 (2)

The surprise for me was working with metal. So far I have not had experience of working with metal. I was surprised how easy machining of metal. The biggest difficulty for me was to glue the individual parts, because the adhesive drying out too long to load

8   910

The final project

Spider I hung in space where he could move alternately spider legs. I do not like spiders, but I’m happy Stout works. Despite all the injustice with glue and material. The inner part of the spider I left bare, because for me this way worked more quietly and frightening.

Thanks for a great workshop in Time’s UP. It was very beneficial for me, workshop and well spent.


2 responses to “SPIDERY INSTRUMENT – Ondrej Pokorny

  1. The spider looks great. Good planning of the scultpural properties.
    Nice realisation of the complexities of building.
    It is perhaps worth noting that the development of the motion before the development of the skeleton would have allowed a more detailed investigation of what the legs are like, how they move, how they sound of various parts. Here you have undertaken the “waterfall” approach to development, where you plan all things and dive towards your goal with no chance to change your idea once you find surprises. A kind of Agile development, with individual steps allowing changes in the plan at regular intervals, might be more appropriate.

  2. The Waterfall model is good for “highly structured physical environments in which after-the-fact changes are prohibitively costly, if not impossible.” Experiments are the opposite of this.

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