Magnetic Pinball(Day 1 & 2)

First attempt to work with electromagnets

After bad weather(no sun for sun powered devices) one of my two options to develop took the leading develop and I started to collect and manipulate copper to create coils for electromagnetic purposes… The idea is to create a levitating device with handmade everything. After first naive introduction into electromagnetic fields, the development before TIME IS UP point to make more a funny pinball controled by electromagnets than any complex weird and magic stuff.
I like to plug things and see sparks so that is how I spent my first day testing that magnetic fields are real and no so hard to create. Other thing is to control them, after trying to solve any of the maths from faradays law the test and error is going much more happily in this experiment, hopefully without any big damage to any borrowed device or hurting myself.

Thanks to all the bloggers of experimenters and fake videos I am on the row to get my first interactive electromagnet piece, is not that accuracy will be its main virtue but thats the funny thing to break the ice to experiment with electricity and get curious about interesting new technologies.

Thanks for the moral support and comprehensiveness from my crazy approach, something is getting done! Here some pictures few but shiny!

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