Day II: Earthworm + motor

After building the structure, the next step was moving all the wheels forward just by rotating and pushing the last one. First of all, we add an aluminium piece to the motor, so that it would be possible to kick on the last wheel. In order to check the different movements produced by it, I added some anti sliding material, but no big differences were observed.


The wheels didn’t move (of course) as they were expected, and Tim suggested to locate the worm between two pieces of wood. Therefore, it would be possible to rotate the hitter from the motor and (maybe) getting a bigger displacement, but then displacement of the object would be very different to the one I had in mind. Let’s see.

It took some time learning how to make a thread in the aluminium piece to fix it to the motor, cutting it and also recutting the last cogwheel in a (slightly) more precise way.

For the next & last class I planned some more changes:

-adding a second motor.

-locating the motors inside of a wooden cube, so that the two hitters help the structure to move forward after hitting the cogwheel(working as crutches)


-changing the first wheel depending on the necessary weight.




Let’s hope it works.


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