Day III: Earthworm + motor + movement

For the final class I decided to assemble the final part of the worm to the rollers. In order to let the whole structure move forward, i located the two motors inside of a wooden cube.

With the help of Michael, we changed the hitters from the motors and we simplified them. After this, I had to connect the backside with the motors to the rest, and Tim suggested to use some thread, in order to avoid that some parts might remain still and fixed.


In the end, the worm looked like this, and it was able to move the rolls (more or less) after being hit and move forward (if it did not get stuck before). It was actually very challenging for me finishing it in 3 days, and getting to know the materials and all the possibilities. Sometimes it was not so easy to decide which one was the better solution for some of the issues, because I didn’t have much experience with making robots (or pseudo-robots) before.

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