Magnetic Pinball(day 3)

After all my tries tiding and untiding the copper around for two days, last one was dedicated more to make a playful device in which a lot of expectations were involved. There was a vague idea of what could be a coordination game in which tehoretically two persons could make levitate a neodymium magnet ball and be astonished by this effect. This could have theoretically happen if all coils could work at the same time or at least work continuosly. I had several problems to make things work with the coils, first of all because I didnt know how much sensitive was the isolation around and in that sense I didnt take care to drag them agains the floor, I didnt know it could happen so easy and were so sensitive to have some sections exposed due to be recycled material, and also most of the problems became when in this third day I had to fix the coils to an structure to make the distribution to play with them.

But problems aside, I had a very funny time learning about electromagnets, and I guess still was playing a lot the device even if it was only with the expectatives, was kind of “magic” to move things without touching.

I guess still there is a lot more work on the way, but was a great expeience.13461075_10209764738212792_1893342150_o

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