jumpingfish / exploding chemicals 2

well, to sum it up, the second day wasn’t as productive as i wished in terms of crafty handworks, besides the cooking of course. i was mostly trying different approaches to generate thrust with mixing and interfering with mostly “household chemicals”. but since the civil versions of these (backing soda aka nitron and white vinegar) were not very effective in what they should do i decided to consult a chemist for some better “solutions”.

basically if you add backing soda (nitron) to white vinegar a chemical reaction should begin which generates a lot of co2. if you do that in a closed plastic bottle you generate a lot of pressure which you then can use as a partial thrust if you poke a hole or 2 into the right places.

the main issue with this method is that the thrust is created very rapidly and strong and dissipates just as fast again. this makes is not a very effective method to generate constant thrust.

so anyway i got some higher concentrated nitron at the pharmacy (hope dies last) and kept on trying to find any good solution to propel my fishtorpedo. unfortunately nothing worked as hoped and in my time of desperation i unfortunately also forgot to take any pictures of this day. both things that should change the following day, which was the last one of our workshop experience. read on in the next chapter!

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