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The Solar Myth – an autonomous resonating machine

In two days I have played around with the idea of ‘resonance’ applied to autonomous mechanism made with metal tubes and motors.

The goal was to experiment in this way and make something for make noise, ‘metal noise’.


– The first prototype:



like a diddley bow…


– Thinking, drawing, making, drawing , thinking etc…






Thinking about some motors and mechanism for percussion



It’s a sort of project: some measure, some calculations.




It’s look like a cross…a noisy cross (the main tube -vertical- and the resonator -horizontal-).

I have add two ‘bridges’ like a guitar for guide the string (thanks to Tim for the idea).

The string is in metal.


– Stop…make it move +  make noise

I have add a DC motor for pluck the string near the resonator/bridge, and a solenoid for hit the string at a certain point. (thanks to Tim again)

As a power source I have add a solar cell (thanks to Oliver).

Now the instrument is ready for play according to the environment. For this I have decide to dedicate this instrument to one of my favorite musician: Sun Ra.




Resonator project

My project for this workshop is about the creation of a big machine, mechanism for exploring sound resonance through metal and similar materials combined with natural forces. The final step is to create an autonomous, noisy and massive resonator.




The main references are some different musical instruments: for example trombone or tuba (both of them involve a sort of ‘air control’) and expecially some ‘primitive’ instruments like the brazilian Berimbau and the so-called Diddley Bow. They look a little bit trashy, but simple, clever and open to different  implementations.

This last instrument is the most interesting as a staring point.

Try to reproduce and create my own version of this instrument (in a large scale and with some different conformations) is the first step to explore and find the way (or the ways) for create interesting ‘vibrations’ and resonance.

The diddley bow in one of my favorite video on youtube: