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Artificial Stupidity

Big Head ? / Artificial Stupidity – First Experiment

Artificial intelligence, is a term used for machine intelligence. In the research of AI, an important part of the computer scientists are trying to create computational intelligence by mimicking and analyzing human intelligence.
In this project, I am aiming to create artificial stupidity, instead of artificial intelligence. Taking human as a starting point and try to create current and previous computer intelligence levels with limiting human abilities such as thinking, motor skills, and senses.
In different words this art-experiment is trying to guide the audience to think in a different manner about artificial intelligence. This art-experiment is aiming to point out the problems in the field.

In this workshop, I aimed to have the first experiment with full mechanical system. Mirrors are always fascinating objects and change our perspective easily. Using one mirror is somehow learned experiments and hard to surprise humans easily but when the number of mirrors start to rise things start to change. In this experiment I designed a helmet system with some special goggles which “in theory” creates a big head feeling.
The distance between your eyes rises up to 30 cm and you start to see the world in a total different perspective.

I did some simple research on the field, since I was planning to separate the vision of two eyes and try to put them together, I concentrated on stereoscope examples.

The process of making the gadget was full of problems. I was not sure what to see in the end so that, I planned to make everything adjustable. Front mirrors in front of the eyes were 3 dimensional adjustable with wires plus the great goggles I was using in the project was not fixed goggles. Side mirrors had 1d rotational adjustment.
That much of uncertainty created a mass in the end, it was almost impossible to create a fixed vision.
Through the end of workshop, I have gained some experience and vision on this field. I have to say that I really enjoyed all the mistakes I made, which is totally different from the mistakes that happen in software development. I think this is a real difference with physical design and a digital design. In physical design you most likely to enjoy mistakes, because any thing you do creates another output on the other hand in software most! of the mistakes does not create any output so that it is harder to learn and enjoy.

Talking Heads Experiment

Talking Heads Experiment

I have been reading the book that i have borrowed from Time’s Up, the Talking Heads Experiment. The experiment has a different approach on artificial intelligence which is  more likely a bottom-up approach. I will try to explain this briefly; the experiment team is trying to design systems which the robots can learn from each other but not by being thought or corrected by designers. For ex: if a robot sees something for the first time, gives it a name and calls it with it then the other robots start to use the same name for the object and they start to create a language. If I could interest you on the topic you can check this video :