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Robotic Orchestra Final

Hello all,

After long days full of sweat at the workshop, the satisfaction of having finished the project is really great.
The project reached its final version, where the bamboo stick is being moved by the motor as both ends go up and down, producing sound at each end. I connected two piezo modules to both ends and have recorded the installation. Here is how it sounds for those who are interested:

By the way, on one and there is a metal wok pan that is welded to a custom made metal stand and on the other end there is a metal chain that goes up and down in a metal bucket full of water. Here is a short video of the final version in action:


Robotic Orchestra: Day 2

The excitement increases as we approach the end of the workshop series. The prototype is more or less ready, now there are some adjustment remaining to be done; stability improvements and aesthetic substitutions perhaps…

Today was another great day, I did my first welding ever. The piece I welded was the metal stand part of the project. Here is how it looks like:


After today, I had to deal with the guiding track on the wooden cam, and the second metal stand that will be used as a second standpoint for the lever. On one side I have chains, on the other side I have the metal pot and lid that will be some sort of a crude hi-hat. My plan is to partly fill the bottom pot with water. As the chains move down, hi-hat will open and as the chains move up, hi-hat will close.

Also I added a small spring to the string that binds the hi-hat to the lever, so that the movement will not be linear and boring. I look for a bit random movement, wobbliness is appreciated.

Here are some more photos from today:





First plan for tomorrow is to attach some piezo sensors to the weird motorized musician and then connect the two (or more) sensors to a mixer and record a session. Let’s see how it will turn out.


First day with Robotic Orchestra

This has been an amazing day, packed with new information and a lot of fun with hand-working tools, wood and metal. Although I was a bit intimidated by the amount of time I spend for small things, I think I will manage to reach my initial goal (more or less). The idea was to create several instruments connected to motors and thus create a motorized sound collective 🙂

What I did today was to start working on the first instrument, which is a chain connected to a cam and a motor. First I had to connect the motor to a wooden cam, so I started working on a metal piece to screw to the cam. I drilled holes, countersinked them and then cut a piece out so that the motor would fit.


After that, I started shaping the wooden cam. I expect a random movement so the cam will not be perfectly round. It will also have a guide way throughout the side, so that a leverage (bamboo stick) can be used to move the chains up and down. ImageImage

After roughly rounding up the cam, I prepared a metal stand’s leg part for stability, drilled holes with countersink, and connected and tested the whole stuff. And it works! One problem is: the cam is too heavy for the motor. Because of that I will cut out most of the inner parts of the cam after deciding on a shape tomorrow. Otherwise I might need a stronger motor… Let’s hope that won’t be the case.

Here are some sketches about ideas on the first part of the project:


More will be following soon!

Robotic Orchestra

I am into automated sound and music that is done by non-human beings, and I think the idea is really interesting to automate some unusual objects as instruments. My initial idea was to create an automated instrument, but then I thought it would be far more interesting if there were several instruments which played at the same time and produced different a different sound.


As roughly seen in the sketch, I have three main ideas to begin with. The first idea is to use a metal bowl and connect it to a motor with a rope and a funny looking cam, providing it an up/down movement, whereas the bowl below is filled with water and it will be hit by the top part, randomly.

The second idea is to connect a long metal chain to a cam and to a motor, moving up and down and hitting the ground and producing some sound as well as it’s own movement sound.

The third idea is to strain a spring, which is connected to somewhere stable from top, and attaching a weight below it. The weight will be connected to a rather strong motor since I have a quite strong spring, and the movement of the motor will change the strain level of the spring, whereas a metal stick will hit the strained spring, again according to the random motor movements.

If time allows, I would like to add a few more instruments and connect piezoelectric sensors to record the sounds the instruments produce. It should also be possible to connect an Arduino circuit for  using as a controllable motor driver, so the orchestration can also be controlled manually.