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Floating machine III Revenge of the sailor

Today i have tried to figure out what was the problem of the floating machine.

I have tried to make a better transmission to don’t waste too much energy in useless movement  and also i change the position of the motor to allow the fin to have a more wide oscillation.


Unfortunatly all this shrewdness wasn’t useful, the floating still have this static presence in the water.

In the last 30 minute before the presentation of the project i changed the material of the fin with something more rigid , but also that didn’t make any improovment.


The time fly when you have fun in Time’s up workshop and so i wasn’t able to make more try.


Nice experience

Floating Machine II the retourn of the sailor

As yuo can see in the photo below the machine it’s floating!


To achieve to this goal i have followed this steps :

First i have found the right motor and undestand where locate itIMG_20160615_114109

luckily i have found that nice engine that had already on it the right arm to move properly the oar



after fixed the motor the next step was built a performative fin, the idea for that was to make a frame made of metal and use a plastic bag here some photo of the step :

IMG_20160615_115200 IMG_20160615_121019 IMG_20160615_122526 IMG_20160615_151645


now the last step it’s to check if can  also moove not only floating


has you can see there is some problem with the movement, it’s not very efficent.


This is something that i wil try to fix tomorrow

Floating Machine

IMG_20160613_134407.jpgHas you can see from this precise concept draw the idea it’s to create a floating machine that surf the sea. The inspiration for the movement came from the far (from Linz ) Japan.

This kind of boat are called Yuloh and usally the uman it’s the main source of energy that move the oar in the whater in a sinuose way.

For the moment the most difficult part was to recreate the engine that allow the oar to move in a fluent way with the tools that i had found in the laboratory.IMG_20160613_134340.jpghere a early( very early) test of the oar .

For the boat i have choose this nice material that float perfectly  and it’s easy to shape


Here a shoot of the actual situation of the Floating Machine with the final( but temporary ) oar .

The next step it’s to use a nice motor stolen from a windscreen wiper as engine for the movement and last but not least start to make some floating test with all the engine to check if we can call it boat instead of submarine.

Tomorrow more update!