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Spanferkel machine

As you might see  I have changed the title of my project from Turbo Spanferkel machine to  a Spanferkel machine.  The  reasons for that, lye in the change of a propelling motor.  What I have learned today is that if a thing has high speed it might not have a high strength. It is kinda like in computer RPG games where a character with high Dexterity usually doesn’t have a hight Strength level and vice versa.


The failed Turbo

So at the start of the day, I tested the super fast fan – 2000 rpm and It didn’t move the chain for a cm. So I was really delighted when Tim provided me with a 12 Volt dc windscreen wiper motor, so that I could complete my robot.

Tomorrow I plan to make a maiden ”voyage” not with a ferkel but with a chicken.

Best regards, Jure



Turbo Spanferkel machine day…. act 2

So today, I finnaly managed to get all my motors welded upon the trolly.  With the great help from Mark and Tim  we managed to combine the lower cogs with  upper cogs with a not so good bicycle chain. I -hoped that today we’ll already see some rotation motion with the  machine. Oh, and I have also done the the system of holding the  long inox  – stainless steel – ni rost rod upon which I shall impale the chicken  to get it roasting.


The magnificent chain transmission system before it’s maiden test (everything is still in one piece – so lame… )


The ” Iron claw” Carefully designed to held the ”Impaling rod” in  one place, to get it rotating.


The long impaling rod in  the trolly, suitable also for a pig.

So my dear  followers tomorrow I shall preform the ritual of impaling the chicken and try to send it to all the distant places of Time’s up metal workshop.

Yours faithful Jure Fingušt.


Turbo Spanferkel machine…… DAY 1

So first of all  I must apologise to everyone by not posting any pictures from the day. I promise to all of you that I will do it tomorrow and yeah.  So, what happened today, In my opinion I was working through the whole day, but eventually did very little.

The most outstanding things that I did was that, I have liberated the shopping-trolly (cart) from all the plastic components. And figured out a way how to hold the rod on one side of the trolly.

Since the hour is getting late I’ll say good night my friends and I promise that you’ll see pictures tomorrow.


Mit vielen Grußen und Kußen, spanferkel Maister Jure Fingušt.


Heads up for the Wednesday meeting.

So, I must say that this is my first blog post in my entire life…

First some of my background: I’m firstly a Academic Sculptor, I have several works out of stone, and metal. So I think that welding should not be a problem for me, but a  long desired opportunity to get back in touch with the material.

My idea is to build a Turbo Spanferkel machine.

I’m thinking of building a Spanferkel machine using a 2000/3000 rpm 220 volt fan with a chain transmission, on a iron frame with a half cut barrel or some other metal to store the coal, on wheels with a propeller at the end so it would be able to move around 🙂 my references: spanferkel_osnabrueck

best regards Jure Fingušt