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electricity from wave

Nowadays, human being pays attention to alternative energies and natural power resources that men of old times had used due to risks associated with processing energies, environmental pollution and an exhaustion of natural resources. Meanwhile, there has been various studies on processing energies using such natural energies as water power, wind power and tidal power. Also, the result of studies have gradually applied to people’s everyday lives. 
However, on the other hand, it is also obvious that current technologies make it difficult to process complete energy as well as gather it. Thus, now I’ve been interested in water power that is natural energy and one of most common materials. On robotic workshop, I dealt with electricity from movement of wave. In order to give shape to a specific plan, such materials as magnet, coil of wire and wave that convert potential energy to electricity is need.

Day 1.
  • testing how much electricity is generated using coil and magnet.
  • soldering broken parts of coil.
  • problem and improvement for next step : much stronger magnet and coil are needed for generating sound.  


Day 2.
  • testing again stronger magnet and coil.
  • measuring out how current is flowing reacting to magnet.
  • figuring out how much woofer vibrate responding to generated electricity.
  • purchasing toy as generating wave (floating fish on water).
  • problem and improvement for next step : for now, generating sound is limited due to less electricity so that other visualization is needed.  


Day 3. (last day of robotic workshop)
  • comparing between coil used day 1 and day 2.
  • figuring out best way to visualize it and then using mirror on woofer with flashlight.
  • installation.
  • testing it works well and fix the problem.
  • presentation
  • problem and improvement for next step : for next prototype, much stronger coil is needed and another way to express it like blinking beamer
The waves cause the floating such toy as duck and fish to bob up and down. The toy on the water is connected to set of arms that transfers this motion to a set of magnets. As these magnets move up and down within a coil of wire electricity is generated. This actually is supposed to powers the set of LED lights and generate sounds but the plan on how people recognize what happen to this installation in terms of visualization is changed owing to insufficient electricity generated by a set of magnets.
Therefore, for people to understand what is going on better, mirror on woofer vibrate according to whether or not current is flowing is used and then shine the light on the mirror. As a result, movement of light is watched reacting to the flowing current.