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Motor driven motion catapult ( Day 3 )

The main work was finished, the catapult was functional. It was time to make it even cooler. I welded 70 cm long handle and fixed four wheels on sides. Then we decided it’d be even cooler if this dangerous weapon had one more motor – to move independently, so I fixed another, stronger motor near the handle. It can move by itself and shoot things simultaneously.

Motor driven motion catapult ( Day 2 )

After I chose the motor, I drilled it down on the board. Adjusted the strong thread in such way, it could release itself and shoot things. The whole process was being tested with battery. After successfully finding the right angle, it was time for some action. We took catapult outside to throw paper balls and paper parachutes. The cat was amused

Catapult 1

Motor driven motion catapult ( Day 1 )

After creating a few sketches for my catapult, the first thing that needed to be done was to choose a board for my it. I decided to use 1 meter long wooden board ( width = 50 cm ). Then I had to prepare pillars for catapult motion. I cut two 50 cm long metal pillars , drilled four holes in them, welded them down on a rectangular piece of metal and fixed on a wooden board. After finishing the initial work, it was time to prepare 80 cm long piece of wood, which later turned into a dangerous motion catapult *tztztz* .  I drilled one hole into wood, fixed it between metal pillars and adjusted the spring (catapult has different levels and strength, depending on how stretched the spring is)Catapult4 catapult 5Catapult 2Catapult 3Catapult 4