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The Robotics workshop was used to explore an idea about basic moving geometries. The attempt was to create a triangle driven by linear motors to have a protototype for a triangular face, like in 3d animation, consisting of three vertices and three edges. Regarding to the moving vertices the “edges” must be able to change their length by sliders. The basic structure was realized with according slides attached to the linear motors. The idea was to have a prototype for a dynamic structure to project on, covered by a stretchable fabric. Due to the circumstances I built a switch logic for the two motors hidden in a small remote box. With the addition of a mirror triangle replacing the fabric, that is floating in the middle of the triangle with the help of elastic rubberbands attached to the vertices, the structure was turning into a projector itself. So the final installation became a remote controlled sunbeam projector.


Further steps could have been to look for and add a third linear motor to enable 3dimensional movement with. All in all it was great to have access to all these tools and get hands on all available tools, also learning a lot while building something that was only in your head before.