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Day 1


The first idea I had for this project is to make an wind / solar powered machine that with time would be able to modify the landscape without human interaction. It could also be used as a tool for land art projects, to plant, plow the land or even decontaminate land of nuclear waste.

Since this is a first approach and I am not very skilled in the physical world at this point in this stage this project will be powered by a windscreen wiper motor instead of a renewable technology engine as planned initially.

Out first goal is to make a device that digs holes, a basic excavator and if I have enough time I would add wheel so it can also move.

On the first day I learned how to weld, grind and drill steel. I start working on a simple structure that will do the movements to dig.


For day  2 I plan to add a shovel so it can (theoretically) start digging .

Day 2

Today I have been wielding the shovel. It was my first wielding experience, at the beginning I was kind of nervous, all those volts … but after a few tests I got pretty confident to start my task


pieces before the welding

basically this was my job of the day, weld everything together and fix it to the board. It sounds easy but was challenging. I had to weld again because the first welding was not well done and it broke in the testing.



Day 3

By day I had the shovel, the engine and mechanism that supposedly should dig when working together. In the morning I was able to put all together but on day 3 but the automata was not able to dig. after a few seconds things got tangled. It took some time to screw everything firmly enough.


The solution was to use a motor controller so I could control the rpm of the system.


At the end I managed to build something capable of digging.