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Ninas Project

In the beginning I spent most of my time cleaning the greasy bicycle parts. 

After mounting them on a perorated metal plate the time had come to create some movement.


This turned out to become the hardest part since the whole construction was wobbly and bicycle chains are not a friend of wobbliness. 

First we tried a electronic magnet as an engine, but the movement was far away from smooth. Even after a lot of adjustments it was not working. I was close to throw in the towel, but luckily it was lunchtime and my lovely colleagues already prepared some delicious food. Well nourished and highly motivated by the fact that I only had a few hours left to finish my project I went back to the workshop. Time helped me to find a working windshield wiper motor, we adapted it a litte and tadaaaa the smooth movement I (kind of) imagined was suddenly happening.

After adding some light and paper the shadow play prototype was working.

I am super happy with the outcome of the workshop and had a great time at Times Up! Thanks to everyone spending these days there with us. 

Ninas Project

A few years ago I got some of the lamps from the OR of an hospital. I really like the idea of making a project with them, since I guess, they would have quite a lot of stories to tell. My inspiration was the Ballroom Luminso by Joe O`Connell:



The beautiful shadows reminded me of all the stories I imagined as a kid when I was looking at shadows on the wall. 

So what I want to do is building a light sculpture out of the hospital lamps and old bicycle parts, since they are somehow the sheded organs of our beloved rides. 

The lamp will be lying on the flat on the floor and building a moving light sculpture in the room.



Somehow like this one, only way bigger.



Above you see some of the parts I collected.

The picture below shows similar lamps, use by my friend Ulrike Asamer for another Project.