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Theo Jansen re-make update

I brought my little animal home today and it suffered some ‘mild’ modifications on the bus so I had to remove some of the damaged pieces of the sustaining structure. But I added the other pair of legs so now it almost looks like the real thing. Slowly but surely, I will also add the propeller and build a stronger structure to hold the legs.
I would like to thank the Time’s Up team once more for this brilliant workshop and the wonderful time I’ve spent learning, experimenting, failing, drilling, failing again and laughing at myself but in the end having a great time! Thank you!


Theo Jansen remake – Sabina Dallu


After researching possibilities of how i could make my Theo Jansen inspired project work, I decided I should use a semi-light material such as plywood, which I think could also sustain a small motor. The structure is not so hard to build, and attaching a quadro copter system instead of only one propeller seems like a pretty good idea (thank you David). Because this year’s theme is ‘Energy’ i decided to make the structure move with the help of the propellers, therefore i’ll have to attach them on one side so it will move in the opposite direction.