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sini’s work on progress

So the days are passing by and at the end of today my work will be maybe at the point about where I thought it’d be by the end of the 1st day… So if I manage to build the loop where the belt is turning as I walk on my stilts it’s great. But I’ve got something to develop after the workshop also, which is great.  Estimating times I haven’t learned yet but a lot of other things like thinking of how to make parts for things that are supposed to move on a much more detailed way than before, or how it feels when the sandpaper machine grabs the edge of your piece of metal when you are not focused. It’s been a great experience and luckily one more day to go. I’m running late now, see you!

Carmen at work, better late than never (Sini)

Hi All!

Superprojects! I’m superhappy to participate. I’ve started developing many ideas for this workshop, and finally I found one that I want to focus on. It’s called carmen at work. It’ll be about 5min performance on high stilts, where the other stilt has some kind of “percussion” attached to it.  I’d like to try to imitate the song Habanera from Carmen opera  with this instrument.  Don’t think that I know something about music, I have no idea, but I think it would be fun to try. I made the stilts from shelf-construction bars, which have holes in frequent distances. The I dea is to use these holes as timeunits of the song, and to stick objects like different bolts into the holes, each of that are supposed to make a specific sound when hitted. Each hole will be one by one passed by a hitting object that will be attached to a string, that should move every time the stilt is lifted high enough. A wheel will be attached to the stilt, and in my skirt I’ll have a little triggerer that turns the wheel at every footlift. I don’t know yet, how I should amplify the sound. Is there a chance for a megafon?

I’m sorry I just have this bad scribble to show.  Ironically just now every device is letting me down because of energy. Camera and phone have no charger and laptop’s charging plug is broken inside the computer’s charging socket…

And, I’d need ladders or something from where to tie the stilts on. And a piece of mattress or a whole one would be excellent, but not necessary.  See you soon. I’m sorry can’t find how to upload images………………..