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Animotion (bat and jellyfish)



Animotion is a series of two kinetic project based on umbrella mechanics.

The project starts from the observation of the motion qualities of umbrella mechanics, which reminds somehow some animals movements.

The first idea was to made a bat, subsequently, the low speed given by the motor suggests the idea of a jellyfish version.

The system of both versions is made by a simple linear motion using a 12v DC motor attached to the umbrella stick.





Alessio’s bat

I found that arms of small umbrellas have similar structure of bat’s arms/wings. Cutting the all the umbrella arms and keeping just two in specular position is possible to simulate the movement of a flying bat, and the umbrella fabric becomes the wings. The umbrella mechanics is sufficient for the movement required. The development of this project focus on applying motors which controls a linear motion, in order to automatize the movement.

My goal is to make just a prototype, but the final point which I’d like to achieve is to have an array of nine umbrella/bat, mounted in a modular structure.

Another possible development is simulate a jellyfish movement, based in the same structure.

bigstock-Bat-7754331 20140618_115612